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03 Oct 2017

How office design can drive success for small business

For small businesses, office design and fit out is an important factor in running a successful operation. Not only does a small office need to be functional and practical, it needs to provide a pleasant experience for staff and send the right message to clients and partners. It also represents a significant investment for a small business, so it’s important to get it right.

To meet the growing demand for premium small office space, commercial landlords are working with leading architects to maximise the use of space, functionality and overall aesthetic of office suites. This new breed of luxury office suite provides every amenity a small business needs to thrive.

In this article we look at the impact office design can have on small business success, and some of the key features to look for when choosing a suite for your business.

Meeting rooms vs collaborative space

It can be a balancing act to find the right combination of workstations, offices, meeting rooms and collaborative space. In a small office, it’s even more important to get it right, so that your team can work efficiently, individually and together, without feeling crowded.

One way to overcome this challenge is to look for a suite that provides access to shared meeting rooms, so that your own office doesn’t need to be completely self-contained. The Central Series at Central Plaza offers three premium shared meeting rooms on the same floor as the suites, so there is seamless access for clients or partners attending meetings. The rooms can be booked using an online shared booking system, making it easy to utilise these shared resources.

Breakout areas and kitchens

Incorporating a breakout area and kitchen into the design of a suite is critical, as this can be a major contributor towards staff satisfaction. Not only does a kitchen provide a level of convenience, it creates a hub where teams can gather throughout the day. With a large bench nearby, this space can be used for informal meetings, collaboration, dining and office events.

Soft furnishings and decor

As people spend more time at work, it’s important to create a warm and welcoming environment that supports these long hours in the office. Premium suites will typically feature décor that would not look out of place in someone’s home, from soft statement lighting to cushions, comfy chairs, floor rugs and wall art. All of this contributes to a more positive team culture, and creates a sense of calm in a busy office.

Access to facilities and services

As well as the overall design aesthetic, access to facilities and services to make work run more smoothly makes for a winning combination. The buildings that are home to this new breed of luxury suite will typically provide everything from premium end-of-trip facilities, to concierge, security, WiFi connectivity and much more. All of which is designed to create efficiencies and a positive working environment.

Office design can be a defining factor for a small business. The right suite design will help your team work more efficiently, contribute to staff satisfaction, and make it easier to attract and retain staff. It also sends the right message to clients and partners, and positions your business for success.

If your small business could benefit from access to the services and facilities of a bigger business, The Central Series at Central Plaza will deliver all this more. Find out more by downloading the brochure, or contact the agents for more information.

Central Series Brochure

21 Sep 2017

How small businesses can now access big business benefits

Small businesses can now access the same premium facilities and services previously reserved for big business, thanks to the development of small business suites throughout Brisbane’s CBD.

So what does this mean for small businesses? From first class facilities and services, through to premium central city locations, the emergence of these suites is changing the face of small business.

In this article we look at some of the benefits small business owners can now access, and how this can help your business thrive.


27 Oct 2016

Central Plaza unveils innovative office design project

An innovative new office design has just been unveiled at Central Plaza. Designed by QUT School of Design student Anna Carter, the cutting edge office design brings together flexible work pods with collaborative workspaces and the latest technology. The result is an ultra-modern workspace that fosters new ways of working together.


29 Sep 2016

Central Plaza lights up the Brisbane CBD

Every night, buildings and landmarks in cities around the world light up. Often this is to mark an occasion or to celebrate a local event. It’s an important part of helping to integrate our built environment with the community, and it creates an emotional reaction in each of us.


14 Sep 2016

Central Plaza’s new foyer is open for business

The importance of making a great first impression is well known, and the foyer of a commercial building is an opportunity to really make a statement.

A well designed lobby sets the tone for the businesses within the building, and establishes an expectation of the level of service that customers and visitors will receive.

To deliver on this for customers, Central Plaza’s new foyer is open for business and the arrival experience is exceptional in every way.


04 Aug 2016

Let there be light

The importance of a warm welcome cannot be underestimated, and Central Plaza’s owner ISPT  has completed one of the largest retrofit lighting projects in the world in order to deliver just that.