4 ways a CBD location can enhance your small business

4 ways a CBD location can enhance your small business

In a time where technology can make office location less of a priority, there are a number of reasons to keep your business in a central business district setting.

With many small to medium businesses focusing on innovation, location remains a huge advantage to so many facets of your success. Here are 4 different factors to keep in mind when deciding on a CBD location for your office space.

Young Talent

Millennials opt to live in denser inner-city areas due to perceived work-life balance gains. This segment of the population accounts for a third of the workforce in Australia and is key to businesses keeping up to date with the latest cultural shifts, both professionally and socially. When selecting your new office space, the degree to which the tenancy is based in the inner-city should be considered as a factor to attracting young millennial talent to your business.


A key factor to success is being aligned with like-minded businesses or competitors. Sharing a building with businesses where you can exchange services or customers is an advantage. to drive your business towards new opportunities and innovations.

Ease of Access

Inner-city areas benefit from centralised public transport facilities. By positioning your business in these areas, you’re providing the greatest access to your clients, staff and new business opportunities. Ease of access will allow your business to have more face time with clients. This will result in clearer communication, more value and increased retention through better customer service.

Food, entertainment and culture hubs situated in inner-city areas are created through high density living and commerce. These hubs provide unparalleled opportunities to meet with and entertain clients.

For the health or environment conscious talent, being able to walk or ride to work as well as the use of gym and end of trip facilities, offers another level of incentive.

Brand awareness and perception

Positioning your business in the CBD is a great way to boost first impressions and elevate prospective clients’ perception of your business.

Central Plaza is located in the heart of Brisbane’s thriving CBD. A significant multi-million dollar investment program has gone into upgrading all the facilities, aesthetics and amenities to provide an excellent office space for your business. Find out more by downloading the brochure, or contact the agents for more information.

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