60 seconds with Joanne Solly

60 seconds with Joanne Solly

Joanne Solly, or Jo as she’s known to the Central Plaza community, has been General Manager at Central Plaza for nearly five years. In that time, she’s played a key role in managing the wide range of tenants in the building, as well as a number of significant building upgrades.

She recently took time out of her busy schedule to sit down with us to talk about her role, her affection for the Central Community and the exciting changes happening throughout the building.

What do you enjoy most about your job? 

There is so much variety in my role! On any given day I can be dealing with a wide range of requests and different situations. I spend a lot of time working with our customers throughout the building, resolving issues and managing leases. I really enjoy working with incoming tenants to finalise their office fit-outs and interior choices.

Recently I’ve been busy working with the project team on the lobby restoration, where the brief was to preserve the design integrity of the atrium and bring it back to what it looked when the building opened in 1988

I also have a really talented team here at Central Plaza who assist in making my job extremely enjoyable and rewarding.

Central Community hosts a number of fantastic community events during the year. Tell us, what’s your favourite and why?

The Rotary Art Spectacular has been my favourite to date.  I’m passionate about the work that Rotary do, and it was really special to be able to host them here.

This was the biggest activation we have ever undertaken in the foyer, and it was a great opportunity to showcase our new lobby. On the opening night there were more than 300 people from all over Brisbane here, all beautifully dressed in cocktail attire. It was spectacular!

We had really positive feedback from all our customers and visitors, and the Rotary Club achieved their goal target with art sales. All in all, a really great week!

What are your favourite local coffee spots that you recommend to customers?

I’ve got a few local favourites. I usually head to Bar Moda, Campos and Noosa Chocolate Factory. While I love my latte’s, a couple of customers have mentioned that Noosa Chocolate Factory has a fantastic Spiced Rum Mocha. They have great brownies too!

Of course, there are some new and exciting retailers coming to Central Plaza in the next year, but you’ll have to stay tuned for more on that news.

What are you well known for with the Central Plaza tenants?

I actually asked one of my tenants for some feedback recently and it was so lovely to hear her response, “Jo is professional, considerate and fair. She is understanding of tenant issues, while remaining focused on the values set by ISPT, the owners of the building.”

I really appreciated the feedback as you don’t always know how others see you.

Do you have a favourite Central Plaza feature?

I was a tenant here for a few years prior to taking this role and love many things about the building. I definitely have a greater appreciation since I started here in 2011. My favourite feature is the exterior façade. The building is so unique and really stands out on the Brisbane skyline with its cut-crystal design. It really is a privilege to manage such an iconic building

Thanks for your time Jo! It’s been really great hearing about the Central Community and understanding a little more about the busy role of General Manager at Central Plaza.