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06 Dec 2017

Co-working: On Point

The corporate world is changing. It’s becoming more agile.

From banks to consulting firms, savvy enterprises now plan their real estate around the fact that many of their full-time employees are in the office, or in town, only a few days per week.

The size of business is changing too. Today’s organisations scale up and down with contract labour as required. It’s no wonder then, that so many businesses no longer sign up for long-term leases on large floor spaces. But interestingly, savvy operators still seek impressive, high-quality, centrally located workspaces with shared facilities on the floors. (more…)

14 Sep 2016

Central Plaza’s new foyer is open for business

The importance of making a great first impression is well known, and the foyer of a commercial building is an opportunity to really make a statement.

A well designed lobby sets the tone for the businesses within the building, and establishes an expectation of the level of service that customers and visitors will receive.

To deliver on this for customers, Central Plaza’s new foyer is open for business and the arrival experience is exceptional in every way.


01 Sep 2016

60 seconds with Joanne Solly

Joanne Solly, or Jo as she’s known to the Central Plaza community, has been General Manager at Central Plaza for nearly five years. In that time, she’s played a key role in managing the wide range of tenants in the building, as well as a number of significant building upgrades.

She recently took time out of her busy schedule to sit down with us to talk about her role, her affection for the Central Community and the exciting changes happening throughout the building.