Central Plaza lights up the Brisbane CBD

Central Plaza lights up the Brisbane CBD

Every night, buildings and landmarks in cities around the world light up. Often this is to mark an occasion or to celebrate a local event. It’s an important part of helping to integrate our built environment with the community, and it creates an emotional reaction in each of us.

As part of the annual Brisbane Festival and Riverfire, Central Plaza was lit up in a dazzling display of light and colour. The idea was to create a vibrant splash across the building that would illuminate the tower and tie this iconic building to the street level in the heart of Brisbane.

This vibrant display was designed to engage passers-by at street level, as well as be seen on the skyline from surrounding suburbs. The stunning effect was created using a combination of rooftop lighting, uplights and gobos projecting words and icons onto the building.

Over the coming months, more light displays at Central Plaza will be unveiled, including a myriad of colours and special effects across the roof that will be seen from surrounding suburbs and add to the beauty of the Brisbane skyline at night.

Lighting up Central Plaza has been an ongoing project over the last few months, with the foyer lighting recently upgraded to create a more vibrant feel and warmer welcome to the building.