Dr Kisho Kurokawa’s influence on the design of Central Plaza extended to the number of floors in the building, or rather, the exclusion of a particular floor.

The number four can have sinister overtones in other cultures, specifically Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese. In these languages, the word for ‘four’ sounds similar or even identical to the word for ‘death’, and so floor numbers containing the number four are often skipped in these countries.

Dr Kurokawa brought this cultural quirk to Central Plaza, deliberately designing the building without the level 24, as this would be ‘double death’.


The Building Maintenance Unit (BMU) is a uniquely engineered piece of plant machinery that has been incorporated into the building itself.

Through ingenious design the BMU is hidden into the building’s roof structure, and is only revealed when in use. When it is needed, the BMU jib emerges through the glass and rotates on the roof, providing a spectacle for Brisbane residents and a distinct change in the CBD skyline.