Central Plaza unveils innovative office design project

Central Plaza unveils innovative office design project

An innovative new office design has just been unveiled at Central Plaza. Designed by QUT School of Design student Anna Carter, the cutting edge office design brings together flexible work pods with collaborative workspaces and the latest technology. The result is an ultra-modern workspace that fosters new ways of working together.

Anna’s design, entitled “The Space In-Between”, was the winning entry in a design competition run by Central Plaza owner ISPT and office fit-out specialists Schiavello.


In designing this office of the future, Anna was inspired by the idea that in the workplace, people share knowledge and experiences in the space between desks.

“For me, the design was really about generating more in-between spaces where you can collaborate naturally,” says Anna.

“The workforce is changing, and society is changing. Technology is making the world smaller in some ways, but we still need that physical social interaction and connectivity.”

There is no doubt that Anna’s design is both cutting edge and yet more relaxed than a traditional corporate office space, transforming the typical office into a space that promotes communication and collaboration in every way.

The central feature of the design is a modular, free-standing plywood pod that hosts four desks and integrated technology. Pods can easily be joined together, moved, reconfigured or even broken down to cater for a changing workforce. As with the rest of the design, these unique workstations are geared for collaboration.

“The backs of the workstations are designed to hold whiteboards for impromptu meetings, and there is room for collaborative breakout spaces in-between the groups of work stations too,” says Anna.

ISPT partnered with Schiavello to build five pods and several generous open spaces for collaborative working over 500 sqm on Level 14 of Central Plaza. Current and prospective customers of Central Plaza are invited to trial the workspace and experience for themselves how finding the space in-between can enhance collaboration.