Central Plaza’s new foyer is open for business

Central Plaza’s new foyer is open for business

The importance of making a great first impression is well known, and the foyer of a commercial building is an opportunity to really make a statement.

A well designed lobby sets the tone for the businesses within the building, and establishes an expectation of the level of service that customers and visitors will receive.

To deliver on this for customers, Central Plaza’s new foyer is open for business and the arrival experience is exceptional in every way.

Over the last few months, Central Plaza has redeveloped the lobby to create an outstanding arrival for customers and visitors, and a space that is more functional.

Relocating the reception desk to an area with more space is allowing Concierge Carlos and his team to provide even more service.

The newly polished floors reflect more light from the upgraded lighting throughout the foyer, and have really lifted the space.

New lounge furniture has been added to provide spaces to meet, collaborate and relax.

We asked the tenants and visitors of Central Plaza about the new lobby and this is what they told us:

“Spectacular, absolutely beautiful. It’s even better if you get greeted by Carlos every day.” Kirk Watterston, McInnes Wilson Lawyers

“It’s calming. Calming and clean, especially since they polished the floors. I enjoy coming down here quite often actually. It gets a big tick from me because quite often I get stuck on the phone, and it’s much nicer to be down here.” Grant Sparks, PPB Advisory

“I think it’s really beautiful. It’s architecturally spectacular and I think it’s a beautiful celebration of shapes. When you walk in it doesn’t feel cavernous, even though it’s amazing in terms of height. Because of the way all the shapes work, it kind of feels really vibrant.” Kath, PR

We also spoke with Central Plaza’s Concierge, Carlos Umlas, about the changes in the lobby.

“It’s spectacular. At night the lighting really brings out the classic architecture of the building. I like the colours. Everyone is commenting on how nice and modern it’s looking.

People are enjoying the lighting and the foyer chairs. They have been very, very popular. Especially people waiting for cars. Most people really appreciate the beauty, it’s nice and bold, it’s beautiful and it’s grand”, he said.

To maximise this exciting and dynamic space, Central Plaza hosts a range of events in the foyer each year, celebrating everything from St Patrick’s Day to Melbourne Cup, as well as supporting many charity days. On a hot summer’s day earlier this year, there was even a pop-up gelato stand providing free treats to visitors in the lobby.

Central Plaza’s new foyer is a vibrant space that creates the right welcome, at the right time, in the right place. We’d love to welcome you there soon.