Co-working: On Point

Co-working: On Point

The corporate world is changing. It’s becoming more agile.

From banks to consulting firms, savvy enterprises now plan their real estate around the fact that many of their full-time employees are in the office, or in town, only a few days per week.

The size of business is changing too. Today’s organisations scale up and down with contract labour as required. It’s no wonder then, that so many businesses no longer sign up for long-term leases on large floor spaces. But interestingly, savvy operators still seek impressive, high-quality, centrally located workspaces with shared facilities on the floors.

These are the reasons why the world of co-working spaces is taking off. It’s a trend that’s creating positive change.

Additionally, business managers in co-working spaces reap the time-saving benefits of shared facilities without the hassle of facility maintenance, or leasing printers and networked communications technologies.

Employees also enjoy a higher standard of facilities – like luxury-spec fitouts and premium end of trip facilities – that they would otherwise not enjoy if their employer were to lease or purchase office space.

Other benefits of co-working space include:

  • Decreased feelings of isolation for small business owners
  • Exposure to ideas and technologies from industries not usually within your network; and
  • Attract employees who demand flexible workplace and work time.

In central Brisbane, the state capital of Queensland Australia, The Central Series by ISPT offers co working spaces for enterprises ranging in size from 10 individuals to hundreds. The Central Series Suites are exquisite, perfect for small businesses looking to present themselves in a premium fashion.

The Central Series Suites are located in Central Plaza in the very heart of the Brisbane CBD. With an impressive 40 floors, the views of the CBD, Brisbane river and Story Bridge are expansive.

The Central Series Suites are luxuriously appointed. Your informal meetings can now be more elegant meeting on architecturally designed furniture in lobby. And for more formal gatherings you can choose between three distinct, complimentary meeting rooms. In addition to the End Of Trip facility downstairs, there are on-floor bathrooms and showers. Along with high-speed destination lifts, the building also offers a 6-star hotel style concierge service.

With square, column-free floorplates and a central-core configuration, Central Plaza offers light-filled flexible space.

The Central Series Suites also offers four boardroom-style meeting rooms with 14 to 16 seats with the potential to cater to 100 people when the spaces are combined.

The Central Plaza building is also home to FitPoint – Brisbane’s finest end-of-trip facility – offering 18 showers and over 200 bike racks and lockers. FitPoint’s complimentary fresh towel service is also greatly appreciated by cyclists with limited room in their packs.

Want to find out more about Central Series Suites. Reach out to James Montague Associate Director, Office Leasing on 402 767 914 or at

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