One man's vision to give Brisbane an international architectural statement.


Central Plaza began as one man’s wish to build something different. Serge de Kantzow, Director of Land Equity Corporation, was responsible for the project’s inception and ethos in the 1980s. His architectural design brief set the challenge of Central Plaza becoming international architectural statement for Brisbane.

The design that embodied those words was created by internationally renowned architect Dr Kisho Kurokawa. His design of the exterior of Central Plaza reflects the contours of a fine crystal, with glass windows that score the sheer white walls and connect with the glass curtain of the building’s splayed corners.

The use of glass creates a symbiotic relationship between the interior and exterior. The glass atrium in the foyer connects those inside to the outside, and the narrow streets surrounding Central Plaza are reflected in the areas of the foyer, where public and private spaces coexist.

Dr Kisho Kurokawa’s conscientious designs, combined with Serge de Kantzow’s grand vision, resulted in a distinctively modern and timeless building. Central Plaza’s unique and ultra-modern design is sophisticated and provides a striking icon on the Brisbane skyline.