Let there be light

Let there be light

The importance of a warm welcome cannot be underestimated, and Central Plaza’s owner ISPT  has completed one of the largest retrofit lighting projects in the world in order to deliver just that.

The brief was clear. Design a lighting experience to enhance the sense of arrival for customers, and transform the foyer into a vibrant hub where people can meet, catch up for a coffee or host an informal meeting.

The stunning new lighting installation has been cleverly designed to deliver more than just visual appeal, providing an incredibly energy efficient, low maintenance and cost-effective solution. Replacing outdated fluoro tubes with LED bulbs, as well as redesigning the fittings and fixtures for longer lifespan, has delivered a 90% reduction in energy use and is far more environmentally sustainable.

Overall it’s estimated that the new lighting will reduce carbon emissions by 550 tonnes each year. Great news for our customers and the environment.

The dynamic new lighting installation uses clever LED edgelit panels, together with a custom made LED panel lighting system. More than 2,000 custom transitions have been created, meaning the space rarely looks the same, and can be completely customised to respond to daylight conditions and support events in the foyer.

The new Central Plaza is warmer, more vibrant and delivers on our promise to our customers. Stop by and experience Central Plaza’s new warm welcome for yourself.