Meet Carlos, Central Plaza’s Head Concierge

Meet Carlos, Central Plaza’s Head Concierge

Head Concierge Carlos Umlas is the face of Central Plaza. Most visitors and tenants are greeted by his warm smile as they enter the building, and you can be sure that Carlos knows everyone.

The job of a commercial building concierge is hard to define. In broad terms, they are responsible for welcoming visitors to the building and making sure that visitors and tenants have everything they need. In real terms, this could mean anything from providing directions to securing restaurant reservations.

For Carlos, job satisfaction comes in the form of a smile from a happy customer.

“I like it because it’s immediate, you know, when you help people you catch that smile,” says Carlos.

Carlos was handpicked to run Central Plaza’s lobby almost 2 years ago, and in that time he has become the most well-known and loved member of the Central Plaza team.

Part of his busy job is to facilitate a number of events in the foyer each year. These events are designed to create a sense of community and bring some entertainment and fun to the space.

“Lobby activation is something we do about once every two months. It gives people avenues to have a little bit of fun, and to get to know everyone. That’s what we want, to build a community in Central Plaza,” he said.

When did you last visit Central Plaza? We’ve made some changes over the last few months and we’d love you to stop by. And of course, Carlos will be available in the lobby to introduce you to the new Central Plaza.

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