How small businesses can now access big business benefits

How small businesses can now access big business benefits

Small businesses can now access the same premium facilities and services previously reserved for big business, thanks to the development of small business suites throughout Brisbane’s CBD.

So what does this mean for small businesses? From first class facilities and services, through to premium central city locations, the emergence of these suites is changing the face of small business.

In this article we look at some of the benefits small business owners can now access, and how this can help your business thrive.

First class facilities

There are plenty of well-appointed offices around, but many of these don’t come with any added extras. Small businesses leasing a suite in a bigger commercial building will find they have access to a wide range of features designed to make work more efficient, and the day run more smoothly.

Typically these facilities will include shared meeting and function rooms, complete with all the latest technology, architecturally designed foyers with informal meeting areas and high speed lifts.

Imagine the sense of arrival your team and clients will experience arriving for work or a meeting, walking through a hotel style lobby alive with activity, being greeted by the concierge, and hoping into a high-speed lift directly to your office. Now even small teams of 10-20 people can experience this each day.

6-star service

These premium facilities also come complete with 6-star hotel style service. Buildings like Brisbane’s Central Plaza provide a concierge service to help make tenants and visitors alike feel welcome, and to attend to their daily needs. These professional ex-hotel concierges are tasked with managing everything from directions to transportation and even restaurant reservations. Rounding out this service offering is the presence of an onsite management team to ensure tenants have everything they need.

Health and wellness

As businesses strive to support their team with better work life balance, access to health and wellness facilities near the office is increasingly important.

For small businesses moving into a suite in a big CBD building, onsite end-of-trip facilities are an attractive feature. These premium facilities often include hotel-style bathrooms, complete with fresh towels, clothes drying, hair dryers and even air-conditioning for the ultimate comfort.

Many of these big buildings will also offer free classes for tenants, including yoga, Pilates and boxing. Not only are perks like this great for your team, it makes you a more attractive employer for new talent.

Position your business as a leader

Last but not least is the prestige that comes with being in a big city building. Small businesses can host clients and partners onsite in luxurious surrounds, often with stunning CBD views, that help position your business as an industry leader. There are also networking opportunities that come with sharing the building with many other successful, diverse businesses, both big and small.

The emergence of the small business suite is redefining the way small businesses work. With access to the same facilities and services that big businesses have enjoyed for many years, small businesses will find they can position themselves as industry leaders, attract and retain staff, and operate more efficiently every day.


If your small business could benefit from access to the services and facilities of a bigger business, The Central Series at Central Plaza will deliver all this more. Find out more by downloading the brochure, or contact the agents for more information.

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